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What colours will match this shade of yarn?

Choosing your colors for your next project is quite exciting, but how can you tell if colors will compliment and match each other and which ones will clash? How can we tell if colors just go with each other?

Neutral shades such as grey, white, cream, black, taupe and beige will match with almost any color, and can help 'tone down' bright vibrant shades. 

But what about matching bright vibrant shades together? Many designers use Color Therapy or the Color Wheel to help find complimentary colors. 

There is some great information about the color wheel here: learn-the-basics-of-color-theory-to-know-what-looks-good

Basically, colors located opposite each other on the wheel,  any three colors equally spaced around the color wheel forming a triangle, or any four colors forming a rectangle (two pairs of colors opposite each other) will complement each other well.

If you do need any assistance in choosing the perfect shades for your project, please do  let us know! we're happy to help. 

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