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What does the order status mean when it says complete?

If the order status says 'complete' this simply means that that we have completed our process of putting your order together, the parcel has left the building and is now in the hands of our courier or postal service to be delivered safely to your door!

 If the order status is 'processing' this means we are still working hard to get those yarns or whatever goodies you have ordered packed nicely together for you for a safe journey. We have to pick your items from the shelves, wrap them and label the parcel with the correct details. 


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    Kim Liberty

    Hi, Is there a way that I can track my package?
    Thanks, Kim

  • Avatar

    Hi Kim,

    I've sent you an email requesting some information from you. If you can please check your inbox and reply, I can look into this for you.

    Best wishes
    Marie and the LoveCrafts Team

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    Eleanor Brydon

    I have emailed twice regarding my order placed on the 18 October 16 working days ago and not yet received. I have requested that you track it down but all I keep getting is an automated reply and nothing else. My Shipment #200987553 for Order #201548840 detailes. Please get back to me

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    Hi Eleanor

    I'm sorry to hear your order has not yet arrived, I've send you an email today with more details.

    Best wishes
    Marie and the LoveKnitting Team

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