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What do I need to do after my patterns are imported from Ravelry?

Once your patterns have been imported from Ravelry, please review and complete the following fields to make sure your patterns have the best chance of selling.

Sizing and yarns must be included in pattern listings to be selected from promotion in LoveKnitting and LoveCrochet newsletters or social channels. 

Sizing: Please add sizing in our sizing table so customers can see the finished item measurements. You can find a guide to this here

Yarns: Once sizing is added, you can add yarns. 75% of patterns sold on LoveKnitting and LoveCrochet recommend a yarn and the bestselling patterns recommend yarns we stock.  This will give your patterns more exposure on the recommended yarn page, like here. We have more information on including yarns here and sizing here to help you in this process

Descriptions: We have a 1000 character limit for descriptions on LoveKnitting and LoveCrochet as there is space to include additional details on materials and sizing in other fields. Check you are happy with how your descriptions appear and that your descriptions do not mention Ravelry promotions which can not be applied on LoveKnitting or LoveCrochet

Needles and accessories: Please add Needles and Accessories required into these fields

For: Add who the pattern is for (eg. women, children, baby) so it is shown in the correct categories

Difficulty: Add difficulty so customers know whether the pattern is suitable for their skill level. You can find how we categorise skill levels here

Type of pattern: Check you’re happy with how your pattern has been categorised




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