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How do I enter recommended yarn?

You can enter yarns in the Materials > Yarns section. To be able to add yarns, you must first enter Sizing. You can find a Q&A about adding Sizing within the Help Center. 

Adding yarns can help boost sales, as patterns that include yarns in the Materials section are 4 times more likely to sell on LoveKnitting. 


The step-by-step guide below shows how to add yarns we stock. Be sure to select the correct option from the Dropdown menu, as the yarn must be named exactly to be sure our system will recognise it. 

If your sample was made in a yarn we don’t stock, you can still add it in the pattern description and add an alternative yarn we do stock in the materials.

If your design uses more than one shade, please enter them as separate yarns.

Step 1 - Select Yarn Brand

Step 2 - Select Yarn Shade or Any Shade

Step 3 - Add to Pattern Materials List

Step 4 - Add Number of Balls Required





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