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How do I add a pattern?

To start uploading patterns click here. You can either upload a pattern from scratch or import an existing PDF pattern from Ravelry. If importing from Ravelry, additional information, such as sizing and yarns, will need to be added to the LoveKnitting listing. Click here to read more.

Using your designer profile interface you can upload as many patterns as you wish. We worked hard to make the process as straightforward and easy as possible.  In order to add a new pattern you will need to fill in all the required data, upload the pattern PDF and at least one photo. We would also encourage you to add sizing and all the materials required to your pattern information - please try and include all the information you can, as this will improve a customer’s ability to filter and find your pattern. If you don’t include it, customers will most likely ask for it!

If you wish, the pattern can be saved as a draft until later. When you feel that your pattern is ready for sale, you can submit it for approval.


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