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How much does it cost to sell my patterns?

These fees detailed below apply to all sales from 1st October 2017 onwards. 


Please note that the transaction cost applies to all sales. Whereas, the Selling Fee is applicable only if your monthly sales are more than £30/€35/$40, and under £1,000/€1,100/$1,300.


Some FAQs

→ So, what does this look like in action?

Here is a working example, based on a pattern priced at £3.50, with different quantities of it sold in a month by different designers. All prices in the example are NET of VAT/GST:


→ Will I be sent a separate invoice in order to pay my fees?

The fees are automatically deducted from your sales total before we pay you. The money you receive is all yours.

→ My prices include VAT, how do you calculate the fees?

If you have VAT inclusive pricing we deduct the VAT first, then calculate the fees.

When will I be paid?

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