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Ever wondered how to work out the yardage of a ball? Or how to substitute yarn? We've created a whole host of calculators that will aid you with your knitting maths questions:

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    Denise Thompson

    What are the rules when knitting a tension square. Have Aran wool and knitting moss stitch , 20 stitches does make 4cm but 24 rows didn't make 4cm a few more rows needed to be added ( I'm a loose knitter) will this make a difference to the jumper I'm making?

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    Jacqueline Ryder

    I tried looking at your calculators & charts but I'm all at sea.
    A recurring problem I have with patterns is they often don't specify what weight yarn is required; they just state the specific one they used..and of course, if that's not an option..
    So I look to the tension to see if that will tell me.
    Your 'tension' filter , I'm not really sure how to use it. Sounds daft I know. I'm on my iPad. I want to select 18 stitches and 40 rows in a 4x4 garter stitch. Do I just slide the left marker to 18 and the right one leftwards to 40?
    When I did this, I had expected then (naively) that the yarn shown would all be sort of the same weight somehow- knitting to the same gauge.
    Obviously I'm way off understanding all this, and I need some help,
    A) with how to use the tension filter and
    B) what is the weight yarn I need for 18st and 40 rows as 4x4 garter stitch
    Can you help at all? Yours desperately, Jacqui

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    Hi Denise, the aim of knitting a tension square is to provide yourself with as much information as possible before you start your project. If you can't match the suggested tension then you can change the needle size until you either match the suggested tension or you find a fabric that you are happy with. Then you can decide if you need to knit a few more or less rows and adjust the pattern if you need to.

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    Hi Jacqueline, The tension filter measures only stitches I am afraid, not rows. Slide both sliders to the stitch tension you are looking for or set a range to look within if you prefer.
    Most of our patterns have a suggested yarn or yarn weight but if it is missing or not clear please do not hesitate to get in touch and a member of the team will help you. I think you most likely need an aran or worsted weight yarn for your tension of 18st and 40 rows in garter stitch. You can find them here

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