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You're out of stock - what do I do?

Our 'Email me when available' service allows you to let us know when you want to buy something that's currently out of stock on our website.

You can see an out of stock request box on the product page... on the envelope and fill in your details and soon as we have what you need we will let you know so you can make your purchase. We don't take any payment in advance and you are no obligation to buy.

After you submit your request, our team will aim to ensure that this item is ordered in quickly for you. When new stock arrives, we'll send you an email with a link you can click to view your desired item and snap it up before someone else!

It usually takes 10 working days to receive new stock at our warehouse. Please contact us for more information if your project is time-sensitive!

Although we’ll always try our best to help, it isn’t always possible to source more of a particular product (such as when that product has been discontinued). Please also note that the price may change from when you made your request.

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  • Avatar
    Goldie Ann Palmer

    I like your service of being able to contact you on out of stock items.

  • Avatar
    Janet Tester

    Great idea to be able to request the amount of wool required

  • Avatar
    Lorraine Miller

    It is a good idea being able to order out of stock items and only pay when you receive them.

  • Avatar
    Karin Hanson

    Karin D Hanson:
    I also agree that your way of set-up to make sure that items that are out of stock is much better than those of other yarn companies who just make you wait. Thank you for this service to your customers and "Happy Holidays to you & yours".

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