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Yarn support is mutually beneficial; nurturing a positive relationship between the designer and the supplier (yarn brand). As a new designer, receiving yarn support can be a great way to build working relationships and gain visibility.

Here are some of the goals of yarn support:

  1. Boost pattern sales! A knitted sample in a suitable yarn enables the customers to see how the finished pattern will look and drape. It’s a great opportunity for designers to show off their skill and creativity.
  2. Showing off the beauty of the yarn! A skein of yarn doesn’t show you how it knits up, which is why having designers create and knit projects is a wonderful way to show yarn customers how each skein or ball can materialise (literally) into beautiful handmade crafts.
  3. Extend your audience! both the yarn brand and the designer will have an existing audience / loyal customer base that they can bring to the relationship. Double the fans!
  4. Build relationships! A successful collaboration may provide future opportunities.

How to get yarn support

Fortune favours the brave. If you’re interested in yarn support - please reach out to us!

Even if you’re a new designer, we’d encourage you to ask for yarn support. You may be asked to show sketches and swatches before you receive a response, but a serious yarn brand will still consider an unknown designer, if the quality of work is of high quality. (It’s actually an exciting prospect for many yarn brands to discover new talent!)

You don’t need to write a fancy essay about your work and the pattern you want to make, a simple email asking if yarn support is available from the brand and how to receive it will do. The company/dyer may have a template for yarn support, but not everyone does so make sure you research any available guidelines before sending your query.

Keep it friendly and professional. And remember that this is about cultivating a positive long-term relationship with the yarn brand. Always consider how you can offer value in return for yarn, for example exclusivity or promotional deals for the pattern. Both parties need to benefit from the deal.

If the company declines, don’t be disheartened or take it personally! There are many factors yarn companies must consider when working with designers, this might be timing, or that this particular idea doesn’t fit their brand identity. If you are very new and have a limited presence on social media you may get a ‘no’, but don’t let that stop you. Keep working on new designs and build up your social media following. Next time you might be luckier in your search for yarn support!


Consider project costs

Be considerate of the yarn cost. If you ask for yarn support because you can’t really afford to buy the yarn yourself, you might want to consider whether the expense to make this particular project is too high for the customers as well.

To find out the types of patterns we’re looking for visit our design submission page

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