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When customers search for a pattern on the website, the search engine takes both the pattern name and pattern description into account, so there is no need to use all the keywords in the pattern name. However, naming your patterns correctly and writing good descriptions are important and there are a few things to think about to make your pattern as visible as possible.

The first thing to think about is a unique pattern name, if you name all of your patterns ‘Baby blanket’ the system will think they’re duplicates and your patterns will be harder to find. Naming a pattern “Baby blanket, christening shawl, heirloom blanket, baby blankie” is not necessary either. In fact if it has too many characters, the whole name doesn’t show up on the website anyway. It’s much better to use a short name and add the keywords in the description instead. You should always include what the actual pattern is. Instead naming a shawl simply “Mystic rose,” you should call it “Mystic rose shawl.”  Check out Kate Atherley’s blog post about naming patterns for some handy tips and tricks

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